Meet some of our athletes and volunteers!



Calahan Young


Cal started participating in VIP Sports Camp when he was 11 years old and has been an active participant in camps, clinics and the youth goalball team.  As a junior and senior in high school he led the VIP Sports High School Goalball team to back to back championships. After graduating from high school Calahan became a counselor with VIP Sports Camp form many years. Calahan recently graduated from SRU with a degree in recreation therapy and a minor in adapted physical activity. During his time at SRU he started a goalball club and helped the formation of college goalball. Cal led the SRU team to  2 national collegiate championships. 

Julia Murray


Written by Julia

My name is Julia Murray and I have had the opportunity to attend ENVISION Sports Camp and clinics offered at Slippery Rock University. I am 13 years old and was born with a significant visual impairment and I am also deaf.  ENVISION has given me experiences that I otherwise would not have been able to do.  It has allowed me to be more active and encouraged me to try new things.  I have been able to try a variety of sports.  Through these activities and experiences I have realized all of the things I can do. I do not have a favorite activity but I have enjoyed most of the sports and the social times I have had at ENVISION.  Several years ago I learned how to ski through ENVISION. This was a big surprise to my parents, who didn’t think I could ski because of my balance issues.  The counselors were great and within about a half hour I was making my way down the hill and was able to stop on my own.  I have since then been skiing several times. This past summer we tried rowing and this winter I started rowing at the Three Rivers Rowing Club. I have also joined the track team and know that my experiences at ENVISION will help me succeed.   I would encourage all blind and visually impaired kids to try ENVISION Camps and Clinics.  They might find something that they enjoy that will keep them active and healthy.  I know my life would not be the same without the opportunities I have had through ENVISION Blind Sports.



Brock Kitterman


Brock started attending ENVISION Camps at age 5.  He has participated in all the summer camps, day camps, ski trips and is currently part of Pittsburgh Penguins Blind Ice Hockey through ENVISION Sports.  This camp has meant the world to him.  When Brock was asked, What is your favorite thing about ENVISION Sports? He answered: "Being around kids that are just like me".

Mary Holmes


Mary Holmes is a volunteer and a former player on the SRU Goalball team.

My name is Mary Holmes and I have been volunteering at VIP Sports camp for four years. I love VIP because it gives our campers the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and activities that they may not have access to at home or school. I always look forward to the week I get to spend with the campers because even though they may benefit from my help, I feel that I'm the one that truly benefits from such a rewarding experience.